Dispatches From The Road: Day 13

In which Katie hunkered in her yurt.

I woke up to frozen sheets of snow sliding off the roof of my yurt, and immediately decided it was meant to be a “hunker in your circus tent” kind of day.

I made coffee. I tended to my pellet stove. I looked at the weather forecast. I listened to “Winter Wonderland” on repeat. I then proceeded to spend my day writing, reading, eating, drinking various hot steeped beverages, writing and reading and eating some more. I scheduled interviews for my next four days in Kansas. I listened to the Mamma Mia soundtrack while I cooked pasta and delicata squash. Then I indulged in freshly-baked bread from my host while lying in bed watching a movie on my phone.

Sometimes, the whooping cranes spend upwards of two or three weeks in the same place, doing nothing but eating and resting. I like their style. I can rejoin society tomorrow.

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