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Backcountry Thoughts: The Company We Are Gifted

The universe didn’t want me to be a part of society on Tuesday. That much was perfectly clear to me. A screeching crow, blasting car horns and what sounded like an impassioned lovers’ quarrel all set off at 7:30 A.M… Read the rest

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Why the Bighorn Mountains Have My Heart

I’ve been visiting the HF Bar Ranch in Wyoming since I was 11 years old, and have been blessed enough to spend the past two summers working there as well. One of the most special parts of this location is its proximity to the southern region of the Bighorn National Forest.… Read the rest

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Travel Solo, But Never Alone; Making Friends on the Journey

Everyone was talking to the person they were sitting next to. Some had arms propped up on the chairs of their acquaintances, while others were laughing at a shared phone screen or staring at the same map.… Read the rest

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48 Solo Hours in Cusco

Most seasoned adventurers (or seasoned adventure readers) know Cusco as the small mountain city in the Sacred Valley where both short day trips and week-long adventures to Machu Picchu start from.… Read the rest