My journalism background and education in top-tier programs emphasized the importance of clean copy with proper styling even in the early drafting stages of the writing process. I’m the person who finds the typo in the textbook, who cringes at bad word choice in professionally written communications, and yes, who corrects bad grammar in casual conversation. I want to proofread and edit your writing with that same nitpick-y and meticulous energy. I promise I’m not as annoying as I might sound; I communicate my editing suggestions clearly and constructively, and I love highlighting the positives in whatever I am reading too!


Environmental research and policy is as scary and confusing for the media-consuming masses as it is crucial for them to understand and stay informed on. I have developed a unique interest in decoding and translating research updates, government documents and the science behind controversial topics like climate change for the better understanding of people without science or policy backgrounds. I want to open peoples’ eyes to the ever-changing natural world around them. I worked with the Center for Climate Change Communication at George Mason University as a communication intern, developing written visitor materials for the National Park Service explaining landscape connectivity and climate impacts in Antietam National Battlefield.


My educational background is entirely rooted in journalistic writing. I received my Bachelor’s degree in journalism with a minor in environmental studies from Emerson College in 2018 cum laude, and I am working towards my master’s degree in the Environmental Science and Natural Resource Journalism graduate program at the University of Montana. My work has been published in Bitterroot Magazine, Mountain Journal, Indian Country Today, South Dakota Magazine and AMC Outdoors. I am deadline-driven, detail-oriented, committed to accuracy and I heavily background report and research all of my stories.


I find it appropriate that only one thin letter differentiates “word” from “world.” Even in the age of Go-Pro helmet fixtures and drone photography, nothing fuels travel stoke or page-turning like unique and thoughtful words about the world we live in. I never feel complete on a hike, a road trip, a plane or a train without a notebook and at least two reliable pens, and if I weren’t so concerned about packing light for my trail runs, I’d probably carry writing materials on those too. Hire me for professional blog content and copywriting if you are trying to grab readers or consumers by their five main senses, plus their sixth sense of wanderlust and their seventh sense of adventure. My work has been published on Territory Supply and Sheridan Tourism and Travel.

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